Quality Policy

ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD is a Corporation of the Maritime Industry with the purpose to engage in any lawful act or activity having the ability to carry on the business as prescribed within its Articles of Corporation. The Company is organized so as to meet in priority all needs in the field of maritime transportation in unsafe sea areas by confronting international piracy and protecting the clients’ crew and vessels.

The objectives of the ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD are: 

  • To provide quality professional maritime security services to all type of merchant vessels (cargo, tankers etc), cruise liners and/or yachts, using experienced and appropriately selected personnel.
  • To gain prestige and credibility in the market working under the rules of morality and law, and adhering to international rules and conventions.
  • To cooperate in good faith with all partners, maintaining excellent relationship with them.
  • To improve its performance through a systematic quality control of the services provided.
  • To gain credibility and prestige among its customers by providing those quality services that will fully satisfy.
  • To contribute positively to the community of Private Security Companies, by the worthy representation of the sector, within the maritime industry.
  • To create an excellent spirit of cooperation among its employees by providing appropriate incentives and working conditions, achieving thus maximum performance.

The above are achieved through:

  • The establishment and close observation of specific quality objectives.
  • The acknowledgement and disposition of all the required resources and means in order to ensure the uninterrupted productivity and effective operations of the company.
  • The creation of a technologically advanced, professional and suitable work environment. 
  • Maintaining the high standards of our staff.
  • The continuous evaluation and unceasing observation of crucial parameters and processes as to guarantee the quality and security of our facilities, services and personnel and
  • The implementation of a Quality & Security Management System according to the International.


Security Policy

It is policy of ZEUS Company to accept willingly all obligations in respect of security during provision of employment of privately contracted security personnel on board ships and to protect the identified assets, by implementing recognized best practices that will achieve a balance between cost and risk.

The Policy shall apply to all partners and staff of ZEUS Company and any other contractors or suppliers’ staff involved in its work.
All personnel and partners have the obligation to report suspected breaches of the Policy immediately to the Quality & Security Manager.
Compliance with the Policy is the duty of all partners and staff.
The Policy applies to any resource, which is owned, held in the custody of, or used by ZEUS Company.

The objectives of the Policy are to ensure that:

  • The assets controlled in terms of the Quality & Security System are protected from accidental or malicious damage.
  • Security risks are properly identified, assessed, recorded and managed.
  • Safeguards to reduce risks are implemented at an acceptable cost.
  • All legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and standards of due care are met.

    These objectives shall be achieved through the implementation of the Quality & Security Management System.

Company Policy

The overall behavioral standard expected of ZEUS personnel is set down clearly and will be monitored in considerable detail.
These standards are set with the requirement to always comply with relevant laws and engage in fair business dealings and include:
(1) Professional and technical competence
(2) Restraint and maturity
(3) Honesty and integrity including professional ethics with regard to financial irregularities, inducements, incentives etc.
(4) Compassion, respect and dignity
(5) Discretion and confidentiality
(6) Full understanding of requirements and constraints of their current mission
(7) Social and environmental responsibility
(8) Cultural sensitivity

The Company will provide detailed training to ensure personnel understand the standards expected of them, such training will include without limitation specifics with regard to anti-corruption and non-bribery.
The Company will ensure that reasonable precautions are taken to protect its personnel in high - risk or life threatening operations. These will include:
(1) Assessing risks of injury to personnel as well as the risks to the local population generated by the activities of Security personnel.
(2) Providing hostile environment training
(3) Providing adequate protective equipment, appropriate weapons and ammunition,and medical support
(4) Adopting policies which support a safe and healthy working environment within the Company, such as policies which address psychological health, deter work-place violence, misconduct, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual harassment and other improper behavior.

The Company will take care for promoting equal opportunities and combating discrimination.
By the nature of Company’s activities its personnel may obtain information which may relate to the private lives or be potentially harmful to the interests or reputation of others. Great care will be exercised in safeguarding and using such information, which shall be kept confidential unless the performance of the duty or the needs of justice strictly require otherwise.
The Company will ensure its personnel:
(1) Are diligent, competent and efficient in discharging their professional responsibilities and commitments
(2) Do not participate in activities which may involve a conflict of interest without appropriate disclosure and approval.

The Company will maintain transparency as far as possible within two key constraints:
(1) Client confidentiality
(2) Standards required of a privately owned limited liability company.

The oversight and management of all operations is the responsibility of the Company Board.

Health & Safety Policy

ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD recognises its moral and legal responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy environment in all its business activities wherever it operates, and will endeavour towards attaining ZERO incident and accident.
ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD believes in providing a safe, incident free workplace environment by identifying and eliminating all possible causes of work-related harm.

To achieve the above ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD shall:

  • Ensure that it's Safety Management System complies with the IMO/ISM Code, ISO PAS 28007:2012 Standards and any other applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Provide a safe work environment.
  • Ensure compliance with all legislative requirements and standards.
  • Provide employees with information, training and supervision for their safety.
  • Provide support that will help employees to maintain their mental and physical health.
  • Implement, actively promote and practice Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures.
  • Identify all hazards and risks at their workplaces.
  • Annually review its objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement to eliminate work related injury and illness.

Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy

ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD is committed towards all its employees and contractors to provide a safe work environment and to define a clear stance on drug, alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Consumption, supply, possession, concealment, transportation, purchase, manufacture or promotions of such items is strictly prohibited.

We have a Zero Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse policy for all transits, operations and vessels.

ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD  shall achieve this goal through:

  • Individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not cooperate and/or employed nor enter any work locations.
  • Non-compliance by any individual will be removed from vessel and dismissed from workforce, without verbal or written warnings.
  • The Company reserves the right to perform testing.
  • The company reserves the right to search for contraband items.

Environmental Policy

ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD will conduct all its business activities wherever it operates in a manner that is environmentally responsible with ultimate objective of NO damage to the environment. We will identify and minimize any potential impact on our environment. We seek prevention of pollution proactively through best practice leadership that encompasses water, air, land and waste management.

To achieve the above ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD shall:

  • Ensure that its Environment Management System complies with ISO PAS 28007:2012 Standards and any other applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Continuously evaluate the environmental risk associated with its operations.
  • Set environmental goals that are measurable and are committed to continuous improvement in our performance.
  • Optimize our waste management system and implement practical measures to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.
  • Identify environmental hazards and implement proactive measures.
  • Values, practices and behavior's that promote environmental sustainability.
  • Encourage innovation and technology to lower the environmental impact wherever practical and use energy efficiently.
  • Provide environmental awareness to its employees that conforms to this policy.

Zeus Principles

  • Code of Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Consistency - Responsibility
  • Legality
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Value creation
  • Complete understanding of our business environment
  • Continuous skills development