Our professionals cover a wide range of operational and consultancy experience. The project planning and regime is operated by a management team with extensive expertise and background on military and amphibious operations, especially in war or crisis zones.

Personnel training and experience has been acquired locally and abroad, under constant service of over 20 years in operational field, consisting of but not limited to:

  • Crisis Evaluation – Rapid reaction
  • Communication
  • Battle field First Aid provision
  • Close Quarter Battle
  • Psychological Operations
  • Interrogation & Captivity procedures
  • Weaponry & explosives handling
  • Approaching moving vessel methods and boarding
  • Infrared equipment usage

 Our company and our personnel are under continuous assessment in compliance with MSC.1/Circ 1405/Rev.2 and additional training is provided as necessary. They are constantly updated on pirates’ new methods and techniques so that the most accurate and efficient security and reaction decisions are always applied.

Zeus Principles

  • Code of Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Consistency - Responsibility
  • Legality
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Value creation
  • Complete understanding of our business environment
  • Continuous skills development