ZEUS MARITIME  SERVICES Ltd, a company registered in the UK, is a Security Consulting & Risk Management Company, which  provides, among others,  professional security mitigation consultancy and solutions to the maritime industry.

Maritime security becomes more important in the ever-changing global market, thus the protection  of life, ship  and cargo is one of our major concerns. The increasing security incidents noted  worldwide, enforce the need  for the professional security & consulting services that our Company offers.

Our Company provides integrated consulting security services of high quality, in an effort to satisfy our  customers’ needs,  taking also into account their commercial considerations and based on the experience gained since 2011. All of our services, as a result  of implemented certificated Quality  System, which included all applicable international and national  regulations, ensuring the  level of services.  

A number of experienced operators are utilized in HRA of East and West Africa confronting the piracy struggle, participating, additionally to other  International missions, as well.

Our company, currently,has the honour to participate in a European funded research project under the GA 883302; "Innovative & intergrated Security System on Board Covering the Life of a Passenger Ships Voyage"