ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES Ltd, is a Corporation of the Maritime Industry with the purpose to engage in any lawful act or activity having the ability to carry on the business as prescribed within its Articles of Corporation. The Company is organized so as to meet in priority all needs in the field of maritime transportation in unsafe sea areas by confronting international piracy and protecting the clients’ crew and vessels with the involvement of its qualified personnel.

The objectives of the ZEUS MARITIME SERVICES LTD are:

  • To provide quality professional maritime security & consulting services to all type of merchant vessels (cargo, tankers etc), cruise liners and/or yachts, engaging  experienced and appropriately selected personnel.
  • To gain prestige and credibility in the market working under the rules of morality and law, and adhering to international rules and conventions.
  • To cooperate in good faith with all partners, maintaining excellent relationship with them.
  • To improve its performance through a systematic  control of the services provided.
  • To gain credibility and prestige among its customers and partners by providing those quality services that will fully satisfy.
  • To contribute positively to the community of Private Security Companies, by the worthy representation of the sector, within the maritime industry.
  • To create an excellent spirit of cooperation among its employees by providing appropriate incentives and working conditions, achieving thus maximum performance.

The above are achieved through:

  • The establishment and close observation of specific quality objectives.
  • The acknowledgement and disposition of all the required resources and means in order to ensure the uninterrupted productivity and effective operations of the company.
  • The creation of a technologically advanced, professional and suitable work environment. 
  • Maintaining the high standards of our staff.
  • The continuous evaluation and unceasing observation of crucial parameters and processes as to guarantee the quality and security of our facilities, services and personnel.