1. Provision of qualified operators for maritime and land operations providing services and support in all kind of business related to the scope of the Company and covered by their expertise.

2. Providing marine consulting services (Safety, Security and Mitigation Planning) 
Our staff is capable of applying certain security measures as well as security surveillance in the whole vessel’s perimeter during the transit or when in berth or ancorage.

3. Training of the crew in the International Naval Regulations against piracy or any malefic (hostile) act as well as familiarization of crew in cases of threat before, during and after a possible attack.
Our staff is capable of organizing the prevention of a threat but also to instruct the crew as far as the hostage behaviors are concerned.

4. In cooperation with the Captain (Master) and the ship officers, certain instructions, directions and suggestions will be implemented as far as the vessel’s and crew security is concerned, and resolution will be made after evaluating the circumstances during crisis.

5. Constant update on pirates’ new methods and techniques or electronics usage so that the most accurate and efficient security and reaction decision.

6. The company undertakes special sea and land missions, with the participation of its staff, for training or providing security advice where required.